How it works

The project has been created to share revenue with all members. We share 70% of our income to our members for news reading, new sharing and referring new users.
Every user can read and share about 50 current news each day and earn while doing that.

If you read and share our news every day, you are insured to have permanent earning of more than $3 000 a month.

On Feedmetro; you read – we pay!

In Brief
Reading news: You earn $1 for 10 News read
Sharing news: You make $2 for 10 News share
Referral program: You receive $3 for 10 new users Invite

What am I paid for?
We want people to read current news from our site, and we share our revenue with them. We share 70% of our income for news reading, sharing, and Referring to new members.

How to start?
To start working on the site, you need to register and start «reading news, sharing news and referring new members».

How does Feedmetro Earn revenue?
We earn through our custom Advertising system and other revenue channels

How can I get the money?
You can get paid at any moment if you have the minimum balance.

Payment method: Paypal
Minimum balance to pay out is $400.

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